VFG ROADS was born in 2005, gathering together a several-decade-long experience of technicians and experts, who choose to make their skills available to public authority and private companies. We offer a service which aims to the full clients satisfaction, in compliance with regulations and traffic rules. VFG ROADS deals with the supply and installation of vertical and horizontal road sign, of traffic and soundproof barriers, of yards and green areas maintenance, offering focused advices about the most appropriate urban fabric for the realization of people-friendly public spaces. VFG supplies and installs billboards and electoral bills, useful for the promotion both of events and public figures, interested in making themselves known and promote their activity to the citizen. Thanks to the use of efficient company owned machineries, an inner graphic studio and a carpentry department, we are an ideal partner for the management of public events, because we attend to traffic diversions, hiring, installing and removing barriers, as well as any other temporary traffic devices. We work in the whole national territory, in every geo environmental and urban situation, with qualified staff and advanced technology, offering to the customers the added value of a work, done quickly and well. Quality is guaranteed by use of the best materials, which allow us to produce safe, functional and long-lasting products. We are also in possession of the CE certificate for the production of vertical road signs.

Major public authorities, such as ANAS and AUTOSTRADE PER L’ITALIA, and private companies, such as IKEA, have already relied on VFG ROADS, finding a partner able to solve every problem relative to road works and road signs, choosing us again for the emergency road service on 24/7. VFG ROADS is constantly looking for new technologies, cutting edge road safety systems and new proposals for the environmental conservation and energy saving. VFG ROADS cooperates with international business partners for the development of new systems and solutions, to ensure greater safety for road users. The respect for the environment is part of our way of doing business. We try constantly to reduce environmental impact through the use of water-based paint and avoiding the use of chemical substances, harmful for the environment and the health of our workers. Our commitment can be clearly drawn from our very broad product range: new sustainable and eco-friendly enlightenment systems, road safety solar devices and much more. Sustainability represents for VFG a long run strategic approach, which aims to find a meeting point among business, social, economic and environmental opportunities. We invite you to take a look at our catalogue and in particular, at our exclusive products, which are the result of a detailed research on new road traffic technologies. It is possible to receive regular updates on our activities and products, subscribing to our Newsletter.