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Esclusive VFG products

The Flexible Beacon, already chosen by ANAS and Autostrade per l’Italia, is a VFG exclusive product.
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Segnaletica Stradale

Supply and installation of vertical and horizontal road sign, of temporary roadwork signs, of complementary road signs and traffic lights.

Barriere stradali

Traffic and soundproof barriers supplied and installed by VFG ROADS comply always with the current road safety regulations.

Manutenzione spazi verdi

Regular supervision of the requested area, a continuous maintenance service, both of traffic signs and asphalt surface. Supply and installation of the urban equipment for green

VFG quality
The quality and safety is guarantee,d not only by our experience, but also by the constantly updated certifications.
Cartellonistica pubblicitaria

Realization of advertising signs, through the use of suitable materials for the environmental conditions.

Allestimento cantieri stradali

Preparation of temporary road building sites, looking after the details of each organizational phase with extreme attention.

Impianti per manifesti

Realization and installation of temporary campaign sign systems, placards or billboards for the promotion of events.

Noleggio transenne

Rental service of barriers, useful for concerts and stages, political meetings, talkfests, celebrations and performances of any type.

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