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Shopping Centre (City of Pesaro) – execution of horizontal road marking in the car park and supply of Flexible Beacon.

Coop Alleanza 3.0 - Esecuzione di segnaletica orizzontale e fornitura di Faro Segnalatore

Shopping Centre Pesaro – Execution of horizontal marking and supply of Flexible Beacon


City of Ozzano dell’Emilia (Province of Bologna) – Implementation of horizontal line marking within the corporate warehouse.

Ozzano dell'Emilia - segnaletica aziendale interno magazzino.

Ozzano dell’Emilia – internal road marking.


Bologna old town centre, execution of temporary road markings with yellow paint.

City of Bologna - Execution of temporary road markings

City of Bologna – Execution of temporary road markings


Execution of horizontal road markings for parkings reserved to electric vehicles.

Parcheggio riservato - veicoli elettrici

Parcheggio riservato – veicoli elettrici