Photovoltaic system maintenance

The performance of photovoltaic systems, both small and large ones, is closely related to the maintenance of the system itself.
VFG ROADS is a company that, over the years, has been highly specialized in the cleaning of photovoltaic systems, and is now able to offer a professional cleaning and maintenance service of these particular systems, in order to obstruct and prevent the deterioration caused by atmospheric agents, limestone, soot, smog, acids, excrements, as well as everything that thwarts the system’s yield.
The gradual loss of efficiency, due to the protracted exposure to corrosive agents would cause a slowdown in the energy production, and therefore VFG ROADS has decided to specialize itself in the cleaning of photovoltaic panels: thanks to our specialized staff and our advanced equipment – such as ionizing water machines, able to make the water slide and prevent new encrustations – VFG restores immediately the productivity of these systems.