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The most innovative and versatile solution for road division and others numerous employments.

DELINBUS is a road divider, whose Project is inspired by the experience and need of public administrations and private companies.

• Functional, easy and resistant. The double symmetry allows the employment of this product in track roads, cycle paths or car parks. Thanks to its height and form, DELINBUS is a safe product and it is insurmountable, because in case of impact, it facilitates the vehicles to get back on track.

• DELINBUS is completely visible and can appear a continuous barrier. To ensure an optimal night vision, DELINBUS has a reflective tape at both ends, Class 3, 50 cm x 50 cm². DELINBUS has an angle of 15°, in order to tip off autobus, cars and trucks.

• Versatile, efficient and cheap, DELINBUS can be installed in multiple ways, according to the technical and logistics needs. Many of those arrangements offer an exceptional performance, with a considerable material and work saving.

• DELINIBUS is combinable with the flexible beacon H75, which can be situated at the beginning and the
end of each segment, in order to make the road safer.

• Economically interesting, DELINIBUS must be installed with screw anchors. This easy and quick installation requires only 4 screw anchors per piece.

Innovative, operational, easy, resistant: where others fail, DELINBUS is always efficient.

• Insurmountable by vehicles: it could be used also for path ways and cycle paths.

• Both ends have 30° inclination and the thickness exceeds 10 mm, guaranteeing a great resistance. Those characteristics prevent the damage to the treads.

• Anti-vandalism system: the tapes and DELINBUS are hardly extractable.

• DELINIBUS is small: 35 cm width, 30 cm height and 2 m length. No decoration or reliefs.

• All the colours are available, also granite and stone colour. The colours are UV resistant and atmospheric agents resistant.

Six little protuberances on the base keep DELINBUS lightly raised (10mm), in order to prevent the accumulation of rubbles and wild plants.

Warranty: DELINBUS is conform to the EU legislation of products.

The Flexible Beacon (indicator BAFX), already chosen by ANAS and Autostrade per l’Italia, is a VFG exclusive and it is characterized by its flexibility and distinguishes itself by a set of extraordinary features, which make it the unique bollard available on the market with CE certification.
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